Destroying Africa: The War Industry's Latest Cash Cow and a Proving Ground for The New American Way of War

Though it’s unfolded below the American public’s radar, for two decades the United States has waged a wide-ranging war on the people of Africa—destroying lives, livelihoods, and liberties along the way. That war has gradually gained momentum since the 2007 founding of the U.S. Military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM), justifying its continent-wide campaign first, as a counterterror operation, then more recently as a playing field for the Pentagon’s newly prioritized “Great Power Competition” (GPC) mission—an official euphemism for America’s revamped Great Game global rivalry with Russia and China.


Military and Veteran Extremism: Another Cost of War

The disturbing scenes from the January 6 Capitol Riot—and the prominent participation of military veterans—evoked a sudden public anxiety about white supremacist extremists in the ranks. Nevertheless, most coverage in media and policymaking circles has failed to adequately frame this very real problem in its historical and systemic context—instead, dealing with it in isolation. In fact, rises in extremism are, and have always been, inextricably linked to foreign conflicts—just another, if particularly tragic, cost of war.


What Biden was Up Against

Since his election, President Joe Biden has repeatedly promised to bring ethics back to Washington and the White House. Yet, on general war policy – particularly the profound decisions on whether to end America’s endless wars – his performance has been halting, uneven, and remains uncertain. This report finds that there were countless conflicts of interest and at least 81 past organizational overlaps between members of the Biden administration, war industry-related entities, and – specifically – the body charged to advise the new president on Afghan War policy: the Afghanistan Study Group (ASG).

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