Christian Sorensen is a former U.S. Air Force Arabic linguist, serving at a variety of stateside posts and a tour in Qatar.

Since leaving the military in 2011, he has worked as a novelist, military analyst, and independent journalist. His work mainly focuses on the U.S. defense industry and war profiteering. He has an MSc in Arabic translation from the University of Edinburgh – MSc, MA in International Relations from Salve Regina University, and a BA Public & Private Sector Organizations from Brown University. His recently published book is Understanding the War Industry (Clarity Press, 2020).

Areas of Expertise

  • Military-Industrial-Complex history and operations

  • Defense Industry Contracting policies and practice

  • Foreign and Regional Arms Sales markets and practices

  • Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • Greater Middle East policy and culture

Recent News

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    Senior EMN Fellow Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson shares what the public doesn’t know about former Secretary of State Colin Powell, who died on Monday. After standing by Powell’s side for more than a decade, Wilkerson gives an exclusive look at Powell’s internal conflict, blind spots and disillusionment over his role in the Iraq War.
  • Matthew Hoh: The Open Highway
    Matthew Hoh joins Eric Paul Erickson, host of The Open Highway podcast, to discuss his experience as a foreign policy strategist, disabled combat veteran and former State Department official who made worldwide headlines in 2009 when he resigned to protest the Obama administration’s escalation of the War in Afghanistan. 
  • Matthew Hoh: Truthteller
    If I was to resign in protest now, I do not believe I would have nearly the same amount of media attention and I believe that is purposeful.