Christian Sorensen is a former U.S. Air Force Arabic linguist, serving at a variety of stateside posts and a tour in Qatar.

Since leaving the military in 2011, he has become the foremost expert studying military contracting announcements. In sorting and distilling these announcements, he learns about the corporations profiting from war, where they’re located, and what they produce.

Christian Sorensen has an MSc in Arabic translation from the University of Edinburgh, an MA in International Relations from Salve Regina University, and a BA Public & Private Sector Organizations from Brown University. He is the author of Understanding the War Industry (Clarity Press, 2020).

Areas of Expertise

  • Military-Industrial-Complex history and operations

  • Defense Industry Contracting policies and practice

  • Foreign and Regional Arms Sales markets and practices

  • Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • Greater Middle East policy and culture

Recent News

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  • Christian Sorenson: Ridiculous money we spend on the military makes US less safe
    The Military Industrial Complex, best defined as an insulated network consisting of the US military establishment, the corporations that market and sell goods and services to the U.S. military and allied governments, and Capitol Hill, creates a permanent warfare state which helps cause our endless wars.